Cher Lloyd – Beautiful People ft. Carolina Liar

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Beautiful People – Cher Lloyd ft. Carolina Liar audio. I don’t own anything. Enjoy it 😀


Osnapitztali says:

Don’t get your panties in a twist.

LaurynnnLovesYou says:

Are you kidding me? Liar is not the last name of someone. Carolina Liar is a BAND. They’re a pretty old band too, it’s not like they just showed up or anything like anyone else. I swear, I wish you guys were just trollin. Morons.

snapperluvr says:

I feel dumb now lol

HaveAtakeDontSuck101 says:

October 2nd

nicole palmer says:

i dont think they sell it here in america she british and i know right

PERFECTSelenaGomez says:

are ya talkin’ bout ya’???huh?

IngridLovesHorses says:

Actually, Carolina Liar is a band of guys. 😉

AngiieNaomi says:

i have at least listened to this, like over 100 times… and cry each time..

ilovelanielle says:

i cry every time i listen to this song idky

Kiwii Mollette says:

October 2nd(:

TheSP91 says:

Actually, Carolina Liar is a christian band. :)

LexiJustice16 says:

October 2nd. :)

gabby slone says:

when does this album come out in America?

Madison Harnett says:

Guys, I love One Direction as much as the next fangirl but just listen to Cher for 3 minutes and shut up about 1D

MissSanrioHeart says:


Arie Shonat says:

Carolina Liar in a band

OneManFanDom says:

I do

dontchangebetru2you says:

i did too but when I saw top track for Carolina Liar I was like oooohhhh o.O

AbbyJHoran says:

do people realize that this is CHER LLOYD not one direction???

Camila Morici says:

I love you Cher!

HaveAtakeDontSuck101 says:

This is a great song, the harmony sounds fantastic.

judestyles55 says:


Lydia Symonds-Barnes says:

one direction!!!!!!xxxxx

wapisima2011 says:


Danielle Lagomarsino says:

The thing is though…Cher is so unbelievably beautiful. But she’s not cruel and conceited, she’s so kind and sweet and she’s an amazing human being.

SandraPSoler1 says:


Manuking00 says:

1D ? those shitty thing ? hell no !

CPCoffeeBreak says:

This has been confirmed as the 4th single 😀

sheyla Valera says:

Love video i love cher ♥

Christina Nsajja says:


osnapitzanna16 says:

Okay well in the little description thing it says “Cher Lloyd ft Carolina Liar”
I don’t know where you guys are getting One Direction & Chris Colfer?

Kaylee Van says:

I made a cover of this song, mind checking it out? :) /watch?v=Z0uUGoDYsdA

OhMyGLOB03 says:

oops your right i was sooo excited to type 1D i spelled it wrong hahaha

Bieberswag33 says:

Wait what?

Taylor Nelson says:

ONE DIRECTION IS SO OVIOUS?? I don’t know how to type basically XD

Taylor Nelson says:

WHAT BOYS?! CAROLINA LIAR?? They’re simply amazing.

Taylor Nelson says:

One Direction*

Taylor Nelson says:

One direction??

Bieberswag33 says:

Thumbs up if you love Cher and The Boys<3

sheyla Valera says:

♥ song is heart ♥

Pippa Maertens says:

the boys from the stairs!!!!!!!

Theresa Schramm says:

THIS ISN’T A ONE DIRECTION SONG OR PAGE!!!!!!!!!!! look I love them to but talk about them on their pages!

Theresa Schramm says:

I love this song. But it makes me sad because it describes so many people:(

sheyla Valera says:

beautiful people like you ♥ i love this song make me cry :)

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